Description: executive_sector_2282566b.jpgGold Mining: Nobilis Global is working with several countries with regard to their gold mining with current initiatives including Mexico, Australia and the USA. Nobilis Global future plans include the creation of its own refinery and used gold network, slated to supplement the raw ore acquisitions and sales side of this specialty.

Diamond Acquisitions and Distribution: Nobilis Global has close relationships with diamond mines selling diamond rough. This includes access to a worldwide distribution system including cutting and final jewelry products catering to brick and mortar sales. Sterling’s primary distribution relationship is with diamond wholesalers having strong presence in the global diamond market.

Corporate Finance: The expertise of Nobilis Global Partners in finance expands 40 years plus. The focus of the firm is to maximize return in the low risk area of investment, taking advantage of high-technology products viable with consumer trends yet diversified to keep up with the fast pace of innovation.  Spanning areas of bridge loans, debt consolidation, small business loans and their structure, business reorganization with a laser sharp target on sustainability, Nobilis Global places its emphasis on areas others are not addressing in normal finance.

Real Estate: The principals of Nobilis Global have combined of 23 plus years of experience in real estate finance and procurement. Nobilis Global focus is to expand into consolidating large tracts of property for development. This focus includes the development of a new commercial city using non-traditional cost-effective electricity producing technology contributing directly to the commercial property revenue and health of the planet.

Noninvasive Medical Technologies: Nobilis Global has accumulated a world renowned research team focused on alternative noninvasive medicine, which includes anti-aging and alternative energy sources. The basis for the technology is 30 plus years of research into electromagnetic and scalar field technologies. Nobilis Global represents several instruments which are ready for market and have approval from various countries’ government medical approval agencies.

High-End Luxury Tech Products:  Building on the innovation upon which Nobilis Global was founded, Nobilis Global represents several luxury technology items that will be repackaged and reintroduced into the marketplace. These products have proven successful track records as the only energy science product with sales over fifty million dollars in wholesale value exclusively sold in the luxury market.