Project Engineering and Equity Finance

Project engineering and equity finance are well-established techniques for large capital intensive projects. Their origins can be traced to the thirteenth century when the English crown negotiated a loan from the Frescobaldi, one of the leading merchant bankers of the period, to develop the Devon silver mines. They crafted a loan arrangement much like we would call a production payment loan today.

A great variety of investments have since been project financed, including electric power generating facilities, telecommunications, real estate, retail, multi-service projects, technology, medical advancements, to name a few. Indeed project financing experienced a resurgence in the 1980s when it was used frequently for cogeneration and other forms of power production. It grew in the 1990s as a means of financing projects designed to help meet the enormous infrastructure needs that exist in developed countries and especially in Emerging Markets and technology.... Read More

** Loan Notice
If the consummation of a loan whether commercial or residential takes place, and no success fee is charged on the front end, Nobilis has operated in good faith towards the buyer and the seller, a requirement to Nobilis is a guaranteed full 2 points any time after the RWA has been issued. In this case Nobilis has engineered the deal and with a term sheet/RWA is issued, has executed the work therefore, wherever it is closed, Nobilis will derive its 2 point spread in full.